As a company engaged in the tourism sector, PT. Fluir Travelindo which has a high commitment in providing the best service to every customer.

Company Mission:

  1. Provide High-Quality Travel Experiences: Deliver travel packages that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, creating everlasting memories.

  2. Captivating and Diverse Destinations: Offer enticing, diverse, and captivating destination options to cater to various customer preferences and desires.

  3. Excellent Customer Service: Prioritize customer satisfaction by providing responsive, friendly, and efficient customer service throughout the travel journey.

  4. Sustainability and Responsibility: Integrate sustainable practices in every aspect of company operations to protect the environment, support local communities, and promote environmental awareness among customers.

  5. Technological Innovation and User Experience: Adopt cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency and provide a better user experience through mobile applications, interactive websites, and other innovative digital solutions.

  6. Strategic Partnerships: Build strong partnerships with local service providers, hotels, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure consistent availability and quality of services.

  7. Continuous Social and Cultural Engagement: Support and promote local cultural heritage and actively participate in social activities to make a positive contribution to the local community.

  8. Employee Training and Development: Provide ongoing training to employees to enhance their skills in delivering excellent service and ensure customer satisfaction.

  9. Transparency and Information Security: Ensure transparency in customer information and maintain data security by adopting best practices in information security.

  10. Profitability and Sustainable Growth: Achieve sustainable growth and maintain company profitability to ensure business continuity and provide ongoing economic benefits.

The team

Shirley Jones

Founding editor

Daniel Gray


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Karen Sacco


James Calderon

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